Artificial Rock Landscapes

Transforming outdoor spaces with extraordinary Artificial Rock Landscapes, brought to you by Living Waters Pools.

Backyard Rock Appeal

Is Artificial Rock Landscaping Right For My Backyard?

Artificial rock landscapes offer a versatile and durable solution for transforming outdoor spaces. Wondering if it's the perfect fit for your backyard? Consider the following:


Aesthetics & Customisation

Artificial rock landscapes mimic natural formations without the weight and complexity of real rocks. Personalise the look to complement your backyard with features like waterfalls, garden rocks, or faux rocks.


Durability & Low Upkeep

These landscapes endure diverse climates, maintaining appeal for years with minimal upkeep—an ideal choice for long-lasting beauty. Explore the enduring charm of artificial rocks for your outdoor space.


Environmental Impact

They provide a sustainable alternative, reducing the need for quarrying natural rocks. Also, they offer eco-friendly choices for water features, seamlessly blending with environmentally conscious designs.



Despite cost variations, artificial rock landscapes offer long-term benefits, reducing maintenance expenses. Enjoy the enduring beauty of your transformed backyard without ongoing commitments.


Cost Considerations Simplified

How Much Do Artificial Rock Landscapes Cost?

The cost of artificial rock landscapes is influenced by several key factors. Firstly, the size and complexity of the landscape play a significant role, with more intricate designs or larger installations, like artificial rock waterfalls and garden rocks, requiring additional materials and labour, thereby affecting the overall price. Secondly, the choice of material quality is crucial; opting for high-quality synthetic rocks may involve a higher initial cost, but it offers long-term benefits for the landscape.

Additionally, design customisation is another factor influencing costs. Tailoring the landscape to specific design preferences, incorporating features like artificial large rocks, and intricate detailing may incur extra expenses, but it allows for the creation of a unique outdoor space reflecting individual style. Professional installation and labour costs, which vary based on the project's scope and location, ensure a flawless finish and lasting transformation. Incorporating extra features, such as waterfalls or intricate detailing, can also impact the overall cost, making it essential to discuss these aspects with professionals to create a comprehensive project plan tailored to specific needs and design aspirations.

Flexible Installation Timeline

Installation Timing Guide

1. Design Meeting

Initiate the process with an expert meeting to discuss ideas, preferences, and space requirements, resulting in a customised design.

2. Site Preparation

After finalising the design, assess and prepare the installation site by clearing the area, addressing leveling needs, and ensuring a solid foundation.

3. Construction & Installation

Commence the construction phase by creating the framework and shaping artificial rocks with skilled artisans ensuring realistic textures and details.

4. Personalisation & Final Touches

During installation, customise and add features like water elements or intricate detailing based on preferences to enhance the overall look.

5. Inspection & Protection

Conduct a thorough inspection post-construction, applying sealants and protective coatings for longevity and environmental resistance.

6. Project Timeline & Management

Installation times vary by project size and complexity, from weeks for smaller to several for detailed designs. Efficient management ensures clear communication and timely completion.

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